Tightening Tension

In Stage 2, we have been focusing on Tightening Tension in our writing. We have learnt to use our five senses and feelings when writing imaginative texts as well as using the rule of 3. When we do this it slows the story down and helps the reader become apart of our story. 

Here are a few examples from 3S. We have some seriously amazing writers in Stage 2!


I walked into a dark, bloody, horrid forest for nothing. One scabby, big rock created a shadow. Scrambling footsteps chased after me and a howl echoed through the forest. I felt tingle tremble down my spine with a chill of horror. I had butterflies swarming in my tummy although they were more like snakes because of the picture in my eyes. A dark shadow streamed over me. I had no food, no shelter and no protection from the terrifying monsters that lurked. 



SMASH! I jumped out of the car. I found myself in a dark, horrible, deadly forest. I knew I was in danger from what had gone on here. I was terrified and lost. I looked up and saw two dark eyes staring at me. I had no armour, no weapons and no one with me. 



As I walked towards the roof of the 58 storey building apartment block my tummy churned. I started to feel goosebumps emerging from underneath my skin. I climbed higher and higher.



My first foot tapped the rope. I went pale in the face. “Release the sharks!” he yelled. Goosebumps covered my body. My other foot gripped the rope. My heart was already racing to the finish line. The rope wasn’t stable. I started to shake as though I was a milkshake in a blender. Tears filled my eyes and began to run down my face. I quickly looked down at the fins of the sharks. I swallowed and stepped.


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